• Wash, Dry, Fold $1.25 per lb
  • Dry/Fold Only $1.00 per lb
  • Hand Iron $2.25 per item
  • Hang to Bag 30¢ per item


Note: Folded and ironed items are placed in a clear plastic bag. 


Comforters, Mattress Pads, Bedspreads, Blankets, Sleeping Bags

  • Blankets$2.50 per lb
  • Twin/Full $14.00 each
  • Queen $16.00 each
  • King $18.00 each
  • Down add $5
  • Oversized Bed Item $23.00 each 


Please take Note:

*Sheets are laundred by the pound  

*Service is FREE, within 15 mile radius of laundromat. Greater distances are possible.

*We encourage you to contact us as we may travel greater distances depending on your laundry needs.

*Pickup & Delivery service is by appointment only. Minimum order amount is $15 with pickup and delivery service.

*We are NOT responsible for articles left over 10 days

*We are NOT responsible for damages due to articles left in pockets

*Any damage or lost articles must be reported within 4 hours

*Payment Methods: All major credit/debit cards, check & cash

Laundry Delivery Service Westminister Massachusetts
Laundry Delivery Service Westminister Massachusetts
  • Winter Jackets $2.75 per lb
  • Down Winter Jackets add $2.50
  • Laundry Bag $9.95 each

When your busy life has you in a quandry, let us wash, dry and fold your laundry!



​Let us do your Laundry, just like Mom would!

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